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Injection moulding machine Arburg 370 M 800-255


Year: 1997



Controller: Multronica
Clamping Force: 800 kN
Distance Betw. Tie-Bars: 370 mm x 370 mm
 Platen Size: 545 mm x 545 mm
 Mould Hight: min 250 mm 
Opening Stroke: max 500 mm
 Screw Diameter: 45 mm
Injection Volume:  189 gram PS
Injection Prresure:  1350 bar
 Motor Power: 15 kW
Heating Power: 6 kW
Working Hours:  
 Dimensions: 4,2 m x 2 m x 1,9 m
 Weight: 3100 kg
Language: German
 Core Pulling:  
Air Valve:  
Service Book: Yes
Payment And Deliver: On request
Optional Extras:  
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